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1. The biggest issue facing Hawaii is Safety. My solution is to clean up our environmental system and develop a clean circular economic system.

2. This Eco-economic system naturally diversifies from tourism and creates economic output using local labor for needed services and products as food, energy, bikes, clothing, solar receptors, walled internet system, coordination of State, Corporate, and Youth for tech development and deployment.

3. Creating more housing for middle- and low-income residents is part of my project, where small cooperative community farm housing projects are providing food production security and wealth creation, with a place to live. My Big Island Hawaiian land project with the Army would offer lower building requirements and access to the land and housing with lower cost.

4. Help for the middle class and working families comes with taxation reduction in exchange for public service responsibility. Also the greenverde project can participate with community food production and income diversification.

5. School administration can be decentralized (eg.single school district into subregions) with some home schooling, small local community groups, community assistance and training, and virtual school production programs.

6. Legislature ethics and lobbying reforms to ensure accountability at the Legislature include requiring the Sunshine Law be applied to laws and open records laws for public knowledge and control of our legislative process. Want to initiate the Hawaii Tonight Show for a nightly review of Government and the civic process.

7. Climate change is the center of my plan-MAKE HAWAII SAFE. Basically no more garbage in (no pollution into the environment) equates a cleaner, safer environment. See for continuous inputs, dialogues, and solutions.

8. The division in politics, development, health mandates and other issues directs the governor to represent all the people of the state. To bridge those gaps and bring people together in spite of their differences requires listening, dialogue, participation, and issue voting letting the people decide crucial issues—- Under the guidance of the climate change environmental economic circular Hawaii program.

9. Governor and Lieutenant Governor should work together for Hawaii. Coordination starts with finding important programs for the Lieutenant Governor to lead on.

10. One Big Idea for Hawaii is to return to a safe and clean environment as a base for our people to thrive.


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