Housing and Homeless in Hawaii

Quality of Life as a right includes housing for Citizens including the Homeless. Cost is crucial with the high price of land, building materials, legalities, and taxes paid to the State to offer this benefit within a rapidly expanding World population with environmental pollution causing Climate Change, thus insecurity with limited results.

The Plan: Lets give everyone a chance to build their home on some land with various motifs 1 Homeless-the plan centers greenverdefarms.com where land is offered by the land rich for a small portion allocated for housing to the homeless who work the farm which is a larger area for organic and natural food production to feed the homeless, the property owner, and Society. 2. Hawaiians-Special rights exist here where much land is in reserve for the Kingdom. My Saddle Road Project apportions some land from the Federal Lessee where one acre plots (divided into buildable and half agriculture only), with community cooperation with the Agriculture and Building, with some Fed engineering support, and lower building permit codes to allow more affordable and decent housing for Hawaiians. 3. Citizens of Hawaii-Low income Families and individuals- Allocating land from State, Public, Federal, Private, land holdings to offer small plots incorporated into an agricultural program to create this new organic, pure, healthy image of food and products can garner in an era addressing food scarcity and health concerns. 4. Urban-The most expensive portion of reality is best we can offer is reasonably affordable housing for the upper middle class who can afford this luxury within a very expensive system. Maybe cooperative housing is a new direction offering your own space within a building, by allowing multiple people to condo a housing entity with common ownership and shared expense. Tax incentives and State direct investing will fund these programs. These programs offer new income sources to all involved.


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