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2022 Election Survey for Governor

Duke Bourgoin, David L

Democratic Party

Current occupation

Business Consultant and Business Owner

Previous job history

Teacher, media, legal, tech, press, real estate

Previous elected office

Makiki NB

Qualifications to represent the people of Hawaii.

My interests center on community development, economics, and political government.  My career experiences include:  education with three degrees.  University teaching at the UH and other Universities, living and traveling around the World with publication and media production on economic and social issues, writing and dialogue with several websites, legal and political research concerning laws and environmental rights, writing legal briefs, lobbying and entering proposed laws into the Hawaii Legislature, political candidate in Hawaii offering direction in the past. 

What will be your top priority if elected?

My top priority if elected is making Hawaii Safe—Safe by cleaning our environment and empowering a sustainable, holistic, circular economy.

Rising inflation has significantly worsened Hawaii’s already high cost of living. What can be done at the state level to help Hawaii residents cope with high consumer prices?

Rising inflation and the high cost of living in Hawaii is addressed by creating a secure, sustainable and circular economy, less dependent on tourism while developing a food and energy system within an environmentally clean environment to live a safe and productive life. 

Hawaii’s rising gasoline prices are among the highest in the nation. Should Hawaii lower or temporarily suspend state taxes on gasoline to help ease the pain at the pump?

Hawaii can suspend or lower gasoline taxes to assist the People with rising prices and inflation at the pump. 

What is your plan to help protect Hawaii residents’ health during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic?

The Plan to protect Hawaii residents’ health during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic is by making our environment clean and productive, thus increasing safety to our citizens with secure and healthy food, a clean environment, guaranteeing a healthy place to protect ourselves from foreign and environmental harm. 

Do you support or oppose efforts to slow or limit the number of tourists to Hawaii? Please explain.

A sustainable circular economy will slow and limit the number of tourists to Hawaii.  By developing our natural resources to support our food and energy needs, will increase local labor participation, create jobs, and offer an alternative stable income.

How can Hawaii’s tourism-dependent economy be diversified, and what can state government do to support the effort?

Hawaii’s economic diversification comes from drastically increasing local food production for local consumption with value added product creation for local use and foreign export income.  The energy production in Hawaii will come from solar farms, and private collectors on homes and businesses.  Government will direct and support this investment, creating the framework for a sustainable and circular economy.

What is your plan to increase affordable housing in Hawaii, and to help the counties deal with homelessness?

Combining the issue of affordable housing, homelessness, and food production is center to Make Hawaii Safe,   

The plan shows how existing farm and large property lands can share with capable tenants to produce food and offer housing to all in need and interest.  This project creates food for the landowner, the community, and the group itself.   The SaddleRoad Hawaiian AgProject looks at finding suitable land and location for half acre plots, half in cooperation with the community to grow food, while offering reduced building and safety requirements with Federal assistance.

Hawaii isn’t likely to see a repeat of this year’s $2 billion revenue surplus which allowed higher-than-normal spending on state programs and projects. If elected, what will your top spending priorities be?

Top spending priorities are agriculture and energy.  This investment will give us a sustainable world, where the investment will come back circularly creating jobs and citizen income for a safe and secure future,

What, if anything, should state government do in response to the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs Wade?

Hawaii as a State has the right to determine Women’s rights, which it has already done, giving Women the right to abortion. As Hawaii continues with its legal system, there should be little change.

What should state government do to support and improve public education in Hawaii?

Education is good in Hawaii, we have good schools and a great University system.  The necessary challenge is to make education more relevant to our youth.  This can be done by creating local area sub teaching groups and locations, where students with like interests can gather to further indulge in their passion as they age.  One area addressed with the GCD&D program Government Corporate Coordination Development and Deployment Program,  Here within a walled Hawaii internet system, using a open depository like GitHub, students and interested parties can develop skills as code writing genius, apps, gaming, DAO community management, and the Hawaiiverse with technology to develop.  This program will empower our students and State to become players in the gaming and developmental metaverse for high income jobs, and entrepreneurial world export and sales.

What reforms, if any, would you propose to make state government more transparent to the public?

State Government can be more transparent to the public by increasing meaningful communication through the Hawaii Nighttime TV Show.  Here a visible and enjoyable process of discussing governmental issues before the State are presented and linked to deeper thought.  Also mixing local culture and music to the people will open up public interest, discussion, feedback and approved results.  

Do you support or oppose the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on the Big Island and why?

The Thirty Meter Telescope should be done in harmony with the Hawaiian People.  The UH should honor this Mountain, follow Hawaiian Sacred principles, by offering to find acceptable locations acceptable to Hawaiians, significantly reduce the size of the imprint, not have it visible from downslope communities, and limit the number of people living, working and traveling to the summit.

Is there anything more that you would like voters to know about you?

Climate change is here causing health and supply issues in our State.  Addressing these realities by changing the way we live is important for our survival as well as that of the World.  Stopping all pollution into the environment, finding ways to increase our food production on a macro and micro basis, and becoming involved in our energy process by developing solar farms while producing the panels,  will ensure our vitality, health, and economic stability for the future.


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